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145 Dillon Ave
Campbell, CA 95008


We sell products featuring Campbell's watertower. t-shirts, photographic prints, tote bags.

Campbell Watertower Project Blog

We make t-shirts and other items that feature the image of Downtown Campbell's beloved and iconic Watertower. 

This blog will be us venting — our trials and tribulations — as we design the t-shirts, make the t-shirts, and make the shirts available to the outside world.




Dana Smith

I've been busy working on this website! 

One of the reasons that I have not done more on this site until now is that I needed photographs of my t shirts, and my son had borrowed my camera and did not return it. I have recently nudged him and got my camera back.

Next I need models, so I coaxed two friends into being my models.

I picked a room with high ceilings, I took the pictures — and whoever was not modeling held up a white blanket as a backdrop.

Once the photography was done I used GraphicConverter in my Mac laptop and did simple editing. I knocked out the background, and adjusted the exposure and color.

THEN I started the process of figuring out how to work this website! I am using a Squarespace site, which is template (or such) design — but allows you to modify it quite a bit. It is not really HARD, but trying to stay focused on it while also trying to deal with real life coming at you full speed is a bit of a challenge!

Anyway — it is about ready to roll. I will probably futz another day or so then turn on the credit ordering option!