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145 Dillon Ave
Campbell, CA 95008


We sell products featuring Campbell's watertower. t-shirts, photographic prints, tote bags.

Campbell Watertower Project Blog

We make t-shirts and other items that feature the image of Downtown Campbell's beloved and iconic Watertower. 

This blog will be us venting — our trials and tribulations — as we design the t-shirts, make the t-shirts, and make the shirts available to the outside world.



Fabulous Sunset

Dana Smith

Here is a photo Dana took from the little yellow house.

What a fabulous Campbell sunset!

Against the salmon backdrop stands the iconic water tower.

2nd Saturday in Down Town

Dana Smith

Last month at 2nd Saturday, we set up shop outside the Campbell Brewing Company.  Fun was had; lots of people were out and about, and many artists participated! Eileen Graham was painting and selling prints (pictured) while minding the shop.

The display table was not absolutely fabulous. So that is our goal for NOVEMBER 12, this month's 2nd Saturday in Downtown Campbell!!

Check us out at the Campbell Brewing Company this Saturday from 2-6 pm

 2nd Saturday, October 2016 

2nd Saturday, October 2016 

Gray Hoodies are here!

Dana Smith

Even though folks say we don't have seasons around here, I feel the change from summer to fall. I wake to chilly mornings; I crave soup and hot tea; and I want to put on my SOFT, WARM, and COZY Campbell Watertower Hoodie!

Medium to XL in GRAY. $29


Campbell Water Tower Website is 'Complete'

Dana Smith

I just clicked the 'Go Live' button on this website. If I did things right then everything is finished enough for the site to work, and for people to place orders using credit cards.

The photo shoot for the t shirts and all was the other day, I thought to post a few of the outtakes.

 Campbell T-Shirt Bargain Bin

Campbell T-Shirt Bargain Bin

Here is a model holding up a t shirt. I have a bunch of widows and orphans, such as this shirt. This is a gray one, and I have only this one very large size.

My thoughts on taking this picture was to make the photograph be recognized as a t shirt — but not the actual style or color. That is so I could use the photo as a placeholder for a 'Bargain Bin' or 'Closeout' selection. Still working on this concept.

 What Are You Doing Up There?

What Are You Doing Up There?

Here model A (posing),  is talking to model B (holding the backdrop) giving him directions and such. This photo shows the backdrop, a white blanket, that I edited out of the final shots.

 Facebook Post

Facebook Post

Here is a screen shot of a Facebook post that I just posted.

Anyway — we're ready for action, let's see what happens!



Campbell Water Tower

Dana Smith

I noticed tonight at just about dusk that the light on the Campbell water tower seemed just about perfect! The sky was a soft baby blue and still rather light; the water tower was lit up nice and bright. The magic hour.

I was not prepared — so I didn't take the time to pull out the camera and hightail it to a good spot to the capture the shot. I will be ready the next time conditions line up like they did tonight.